Variety's Camp Brereton

The Youth Camp takes place at Camp Brereton, owned and operated by Variety, the Children's Charity.
Since 2009, the Youth Camp has been hosted by Annette Massey, as the Heart Heroes Youth Program Coordinator.

The Youth Camp is for 10 to 18 year old youth with congenital heart defects. They are welcome to bring a sibling or a friend to accompany them if they wish to do so. Unlike the family camp, parents attend only if they are camp counselors, lifeguards or first aid personnel. The camp counselors act as supervisors for the duration of the camp.

The activities coordinator, Nancy Grant, plans fun-filled activities such as "Survivor" or “Amazing Race” type games, treasure hunts, canoe races, sports court games and indoor games. There is plenty of free time where the kids can go canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing and paddle boating.

Organizing this event allows the heart youth to get together and have some fun in the sun and get to know each other better. Many longtime friendships have been made at camp!

Camp is always free for the youth, and siblings or friends join them at minimal cost. Kids get transportation to and from camp by bus, but parents are responsible for pick up and drop off at the designated location. We hire lifeguards, cooks and educational speakers.

A big thank you goes to The Winnipeg Foundation and Power Corporation of Canada who have sponsored our youth camp. Thank you as well to the camp committee who, without them, camp would not be a reality. Nancy Grant, thank you for coordinating the activities for the past 5 years! You are amazing. The kids love you!

You can see many more pictures of the previous years' outings in the Gallery!
- Excerpts of a letter from Daphne Goodridge, heart mom:

Brenna’s first year of camp was one of anticipation and nerves, thank goodness she was allowed to bring a friend. When she arrived home from her first camp experience, oh the excitement! The stories flowed about the activities that they had jam packed in two days. From tubing, camp fires, themed games, and best of all the new friendships she had formed.

Last year, Brenna's friend stated: “That was the best camping trip I have ever been on. I go to Winkler camp for a week every summer and never have that much fun! It was fantastic!

Brenna asked: “When I turn 18 and I can’t go to camp anymore, do you think I could volunteer as a camp counsellor?” This showed me that she found a great value in the camp, bringing together children and youth (without their parents) sharing stories, finding that they aren’t the only ones with heart issues, and learning that you can give back to your community in small ways.

Brenna has become a kind, compassionate, caring person who helps out whenever she can and sees the potential in not only herself but in others. She has helped the past two years with different ideas for this wonderful event.

Without The Winnipeg Foundation and other contributors, the youth camp would not be a reality. In order for the kids to continue having this wonderful experience, we need your support and contributions for what may be the only camp experience that they will ever have.

Sincerely yours,
Daphne Goodridge