Variety Children's Heart Centre

You will find that a visit to the Variety Children's Heart Centre is like visiting any doctor's office for a check-up. At the Heart Centre, your child's heart will be assessed by specially trained staff using the most up-to-date equipment available.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by members of the Heart Centre team who want to make your visit as pleasant as possible. They will check to make sure we have all the information and will weigh and measure your child. Your Child will then be examined by at least one doctor who will also ask further questions.

If tests are necessary, they will be performed at the time of your visit. If we anticipate the need for tests, they may be performed before your child sees the doctor.

Helpful Hints

• Your Heart Centre visit may take approximately 2-3 hours. We will complete all the tests during this time and will answer all your questions before you leave.

• The ECG and Echo test will require your child to lie as still as possible. For babies, this often means bringing an extra bottle. If the bottle is not successful, a mild sedative may be given to settle your child.

• If your child is over five years of age, it is a good idea to bring runners and shorts, should an Exercise Test be required.

• Please try to be on time for your appointment. We will always see everyone who comes, but we try to work to an appointment schedule.

• We have a nice play area with plenty of toys, but your child may wish to bring along a favorite toy.

• We want to help you understand your child's heart. We encourage you to discuss your questions or concerns with the Cardiologist or Nurse Clinician.

• A child with a heart problem may need follow-up visits with us, as well as routine medical check-ups with your family doctor.

• If you have more questions when you get home, just give us a call. You are always welcome at the Variety Children's Heart Centre.


Variety Children's Heart Centre (FE-241), is located inside the Community Services Building (685 William Avenue). The Community Services Building is located immediately across from the Children's Hospital Emergency entrance.

Public parking is available in the four HSC parkades – the Emily Street Parkade, the Sherbrook Street Parkade, William Avenue Parkade and the Rehab Parkade. The most convenient parking available is in the William Avenue Parkade, beside the Heart Centre.

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