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​Finding out your child has congenital or acquired heart disease is extremely stressful. One in 100 Canadian children are born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) and more than half need surgery to survive.


A new diagnosis brings many questions and feelings of uncertainty. You are not alone. The Circle of Hearts Family Support Network is a non-profit children's charity made up of parents and caregivers who have children with congenital or acquired heart defects.


The Circle of Hearts represents all pediatric heart patients and families of the HSC Travis Price Children's Heart Centre, who span over Manitoba, Nunavut, parts of NW Ontario and Eastern Saskatchewan.


We believe that it is of great benefit to communicate with families who have gone through similar situations. It can help prepare your family for some of the situations and feelings all of you experience. We aim to provide emotional and educational support to those who are in need, as well as a means of networking among families whose children are affected by heart disease.

Along with providing such support to our families, the Circle of Hearts also provides fun family activities throughout the year to show our heart children that there is more to the HSC Travis Price Children's Heart Centre than being a cardiac patient.

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