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Other Youth Programs and Events

In addition to the Heart Heroes Youth Camp, other activities are planned to offer more opportunities for the youth to get together, get to know others better who are experiencing also growing up with heart disease. By connecting with other heart youth, they can support each other, talk, and most importantly know they are not alone.

These activities have included such events as Moose and Goldeyes Games, Movie Nights and recently some online activities. We are also always looking for new ideas to get the youth together!


The Heart Heroes Youth Program is also striving to lessen the anxieties and burdens of our heart heroes with our care, knowledge and compassion.

One goal the Heart Heroes Youth Program would like to implement is having more programs and workshops not only for families but targeted at our youth as well. One educational workshop we have offered is the Transitioning to Adult Cardiology Workshop, organized with the support from the Heart Centre where an adult cardiologist the children will eventually see as adults has facilitated the workshop. The young adults and their parents walk away feeling empowered with knowledge, making the transition to adult cardiology not so scary after all.

An educational component is also always snuck into the agenda at our yearly youth summer camp. They have so much fun they don’t realize they are learning stuff! In the past we have had a yogi came to teach the kids how to meditate and how to de-stress. We've also had 
a Child Life Specialist come to the camp to talk about her services and to tell the kids she is available to them if/when they have to go through medical procedures and require counselling.

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